Our Goals

Team Goals

  1. Be supportive of your teammates. There is no "I" in team.
  2. Be positive and respectful at all times. This includes your parents, the referee, your teammates, and the opposition.
  3. Be Enthusiastic - it is contagious!
  4. Be accountable for your equipment, your practices, tying your skates, and your games. Be prepared and on time!
  5. Hustle!

Parent's Goals

  1. Look at the "Team Goals" carefully with your child.
  2. Please e-mail or tell your child's team manager if he or she will not be at the next game or practice.
  3. If your child is a member of one of the younger groups and needs his or her skates tied, please tie them. The adults who coach the kids are volunteers. They have children of their own and practices to run. 
  4. Please ensure that your child is ready to go on the ice on time and is looked after when the practice or game is over.
  5. Please provide water for your child on the boards during practice so that the child does not have to look for you or for the water.

Coach's Goals

  1. Give the kids as much ice time as we can.
  2. Communicate as much information as we can.
  3. Make this season a positive experience in their wonderful lives.